About Us

What exactly is custard?

What exactly makes custard different from ice cream? Well, what sets custard apart from ice cream is the quality ingredients it’s made out of. For instance, eggs, and actual cream really take it up a notch. Custard is softer, creamier, and has a fresh taste you won’t find in ice cream

Some Annie’s History

This season is Annie’s 27th season! It seems like only yesterday the shop was opening for the first time. While the times have changed our great products have not. Whether you’ve been visiting us since day one or a new comer to the custard sensation, its the same great taste, same great service from your hometown custard connoisseurs. We proudly support our community. Check with us regularly to find out where the next Annie’s fund raiser will be held.

Support your craving for custard, and help us support our community!

Why is Annie’s Frozen Custard the MOST AWESOME on the Planet?

Annie’s uses our own blend of wholesome, natural tasty ingredients to create the creamy frozen custard our customers have been enjoying for 27 years. How is Custard made? Our custard is made every hour on the hour. Our very own Annie’s mix is poured into our machine and whipped into frozen slabs where it falls into a scooping container. Unlike soft serve, our machine adds very little air making for a nice thick creamy treat.