Annie’s Awesome Dogs are 100% all-beef gourmet franks. They have a fresh wholesome taste not found in ordinary franks and are slow-grilled to perfection. Combos include: chips and a soda!

The Chili Dog

An all-time favorite! Grilled then topped with tasty chili.
Regular $4.25 Combo $5.25

The Chicago Dog

Topped with neon relish, tomatoes, celery salt, onions, sport peppers, pickles and mustard.
100% Awesomeness!
Regular $4.25 Combo $5.25

The Dachshund

Seasoned with spicy mustard and blanketed with sauerkraut for a unique tasty treat.
Regular $4.25 Combo $5.25

The Cheese Hound

Cheddar cheese and bacon bits piled high on this tasty dog.
Regular $4.25 Combo $5.25

The Pooch

Annie’s Dog plain, with its own good taste.
Regular $3.50 Combo $4.50

Call Your Own Dog!

(65¢ each additional topping)
bacon bits
cheddar cheese
jalapeno peppers


Combos include: chips and a soda